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Age-related causes of visual impairment and blindness are increasing, as is blindness due to uncontrolled diabetes (WHO)
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[Opening sequence - A crowd of bare feet walking on a dirt path. Children reading braille in school. A speech therapist teaching.]

Following Christ’s example,we’ve been transforming lives and entire communities for over 100 years.
[Wheelchair wheels. A group of school children sitting on the ground. A girl is walking on one leg with a walking stick. A disabled boy is being carried on his mother's back, he is smiling. Two girls are skipping past a blue house.]

We believe that all people are equal.
[A crowd of school children. Portraits of different people of various ages and abilities.] 
[Blind boys wearing the same sports uniform, huddled together as a team. They are playing football. Crowd of students in a school getting offered lunch. Young boy getting his legs examined. Older lady walking using walking wooden sticks made of long tree branches. Boy using aluminium walking sticks. Girl learning how to write. Boy learning how to speak. Children running down a dirt road.]  
But there is a cycle of poverty and disability.

Today over 1 billion people live with disabilities. 80% live in poor countries. We can end this cycle.
[A prosthetics manufacturing workshop. A woman making a prosthetic foot.]

We work with local partners to prevent diseases, offer treatment and build inclusive communities worldwide for all.
[A leg examination. A boy is getting his eyes examined. A boy in surgery. A small boy walking around in a hospital accompanied by a nurse. The boy is lifted unto an operating table. Children are running in a playground. A busy street in a village. A group of school children wearing a school uniform are lining up against a wall. A boy undergoing an eye test. Images of people in hospital beds. Boy with a cleft lip smiling. Mother holding her child.]
CBM is ending the cycle of poverty and disability. Please join with us today because together we can do more. 
[Man walking with a mechanical prosthetics leg. Child looking up to her mother smiling. Children smiling. Boy walking into the distance using a walking stick, he is heading towards a village further away in the background.]
end credits - 
CBM - together we can do more

We are CBM, an international development organisation. Every day, CBM is working to restore life to people living with disability in the world's poorest countries. Our Vision: An inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential. (Courtesy of CBM Australia)


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