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Deafness and hearing impairment can cause difficulties in obtaining, performing and keeping an occupation
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Restoring Khululwa’s hearing

Can you imagine being in school and not being able to hear the teacher? This was a daily reality for Khululwa Takana!

A RAP good news story

Ovayo is just three years old and lives with her grandmother and five cousins, as her mother passed away when she was a baby.

Gideon gets to enjoy the sunshine

Gideon Cezula is 93 years old and was confined to his bed because of limited mobility and really missed being outdoors.

Gardening – sustaining body and mind

The Rural Ability Programme worked with a group with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities to start their own vegetable garden.

Kuhle’s ready to take on the world

Kuhle is a gorgeous little girl, aged 4, who lives in a rural area of the Eastern Cape. She was born with a condition called clubfoot.

CBM wins prestigious António Champalimaud Vision A

CBM has been awarded the prestigious António Champalimaud Vision Award for 2017, together with Sightsavers for its work on eye health.

The right medication makes all the difference

Malusi (39) has mental and physical disabilities. Sometimes the ‘invisible difficulties’ are even more challenging than the ones we can see.

Kwakhanya getting the help he needs

Kwakhanya was struggling to talk, play and sit. After he was referred for occupational therapy his whole world changed.

Nomthandazo gets a new lease on life

Nomthandazo (57) from the Eastern Cape had been receiving a daily injection for mental illness since she was 16 which made her sleep all day

Liyema gets the support he needs

Liyema (4) is a little boy, with cerebral palsy (CP), who lives in Dlovu Village in the Eastern Cape with his mom and grandmother.

Noluthando finding hope

Noluthando was working in Cape Town when she had a stroke, and had to return to the Eastern Cape because she was unable to continue working.

Hope for Kwakhanya

Kwakhanya Hlozwa was just two years old in late 2014 when Community Disability Worker (CDW), Vuyiswa Mgudlwa started seeing him.

Bringing hope to Sange

Sange Mapeyi is a four year old little boy with Cerebral Palsy, living in the rural village of Mngazi, with his grandmother.

Anathi first success story

Anathi, RAP’s Livelihoods Coordinator, has shared the details of his first success story!

Ndikhokele goes to school

Ndikhokele Ngeleni was born with Spina Bifida and walks with crutches.

Vuyiswa wanted to help people with disabilities

It is frustrating to watch a person with a disability and not know how to help – and it was this frustration that brought Vuyiswa to RAP.

Buzeka changing situations for the better

Being aware of the suffering of people with disabilities in rural communities has made Buzeka Nkanunu an empathetic and caring CDW.

Tabisa making a difference

Tabisa joined the Rural Ability Programme because a member of her family has a disability.and she want to make a difference.

King is happy to hear again

King Nxakumfana (76), hearing loss was affecting his ability to communicate with his family and friends and making him feel isolated.

Success story of Zintle

Zintle life has changed in the two years she has been part of the Rural Ability Programme (RAP).She can do many things on her own now.

Bringing help to Mzolisi Mhlekazi

In this area access to services remain a challenge for people with disabilities. This is why we are bringing services into people's homes.

Making a difference in Melokuhle’s life

We’d like you to meet a little girl called Melokuhle Parafin.and the difference the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) is making in her life.

Friendship brings hope to two isolated women

Vuyiswa is a CDW from the Ngcwanguba area and she first met Nosipho, who has an intellectual disability (ID), in April 2014.

Amahle’s granny is her angel carer

Amahle is a 16 month old little girl with Cerebral Palsy who lives far from health services. She has only been to rehabilitation twice.

Community driven Nosiphiwe Magadule

Nosiphiwe Magadule is a Community Disability Worker (CDW) with the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) in the Eastern Cape.

Nosakhiwo Blayi making an impact on her community

Nosakhiwo became a CDW because she understands first-hand the challenges of living with and caring for someone with a disability.

Nkosomzi Mbengenya finds independance

28 year old Nkosomzi Mbengenya has an intellectual disability and was totally dependant on his family for even the simplest of tasks.

Helping Ayabonga to communicate

Ayabonga is eight and has cerebral palsy. When her CDW met her she was sitting in a bucket as that was the only way she could sit up.

Catherine van Staden making her dreams come true

Catherine van Staden had always been a sporty person but her diagnosis of spastic paralysis gave her reason to give up on her dreams.

Masixole Namate - Community Disability Worker

Masixole Namate is a Community Disability Worker (CDW) in the Zithulele area in the Eastern Cape and joined RAP in January 2015

CBM SA chair receives lifetime achievement award

Chairman of the CBM SA board, Dr William Rowland has received a lifetime achievement award at a national disability summit.

Meet Shannon Morgan

Shannon Morgan joined the Rural Ability Programme as Programme Co-ordinator in February 2014.

CBMSA board member attends congress

CBMSA board member, Alex Msitshana, attended World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, in Istanbul, Turkey, 28 July - 1 Aug 2015

Nozuzile regains her independence

Nozuzile has been part of RAP for 11 months - in that time, she has gone from being bedridden to being able to walk short distances unaided.

Nepal earthquake

CBM planning disability-inclusive response with local partners

Mncameni Pumakade

Mncameni contracted TB in his spine more than ten years ago and has been unable to walk since then.

Annual Rolling Hills Wheelchair Race

There were great excitement for the Rural Ability Team to attend the annual Rolling Hills Wheelchair Race

CBM South Africa Board meeting in Nov /2014

Dr William Rowland new chairman of CBM South Africa, President of CBM International attends Board meeting in 11/2014

A dream come true

In October 2013 Catherine took part in her first swimming gala. At the age of 33 you would think she'd been there before, well no!

New Programme Co-ordinator appointed

We are delighted to announce that Shannon Morgan has joined the Rural Ability Programme as Programme Co-ordinator.

International Ear and Hearing day 2014

For International Ear and Hearing day 2014, the WHO highlights the importance of ear care to prevent avoidable hearing loss

Meeting Promise

Promise lives in Goma, and has Cerebral Palsy, she probably has no future hope in the world. I have to believe differently though

Ntombothando Gambushe

Ntombothando was struggling to move around because of her broken crutches.

Andisiwe Mnunu

Andisiwe Mnunu is a 17 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy.

Chairman of CBM South Africa

CBM South Africa board has elected Dr. William Rowland as its new Chairman at its board meeting in 11/2014 in Cape Town.

Support and supervision

Identifying people with disabilities and referring to services

Promoting education and disability

This delightful puppet was used to create awareness of the right for children with disabilities.

Sharing and learning

Mihlali Danile who has Cerebral Palsy receives daily therapy from the therapist Fiona Semple his sister and caregiver

The Rural Ability CBR Programme team is growing

Nine applicants participated in an introduction to CBR training of which five have been appointed as Community Disability Workers

Full steam ahead

Relationship-building with community leaders is crucial to the success of the Rural Ability Programme.

Share your big dreams, what would you change?

A focus group for people with disabilities in rural South Africa


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