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Studies have shown that people with cataracts were poorer than controls in terms of assets, self-rated wealth and monthly expenditure than controls with normal vision (Hannah Kuper and Sarah Polack, ICEH/LSHTM)
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Towards disability inclusion

CBM works to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in South Africa.
Great progress has been made in South Africa to develop legislation and structures that represent and respond to the needs of people with disabilities. However, despite these efforts many gaps in service delivery remain. As a result, the majority of people with disabilities continue to be excluded from mainstream society and its social and economic activities.
To achieve these goals, CBM SA is committed to:
  • Working with and supporting all levels of government to successfully implement existing legislation for people with disabilities.
  • Working at national and local level to demonstrate model Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes.
  • Working with people with disabilities and their organisations to strengthen their capacity to advocate for change themselves.
  • Working with a range of civil society members, programme partners, international partners and churches to promote inclusion of disability in development policy and programmes.
  • Together with local partners, closing the gaps between policy and reality; ensuring that the voices of all people with disabilities are heard and that they are included in mainstream development sectors.


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