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Around 1.4 million children under age 15 are blind. Yet approximately half of all childhood blindness can be avoided by treating diseases early and by correcting abnormalities at birth such as cataract and glaucoma. (WHO)
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Zintle loves her standing frame

Laughing little girl
Zintle Mfanekiso has cerebral palsy (CP), and was just four years old when Vuyiswa, the Community Disability Worker (CDW) in Ngcwanguba area, started seeing her in July 2014. Zintle was kept at home and was mostly carried around on her mother, Tabisa’s, back. She was unable to crawl or even sit on her own. She also had no equipment to assist her or give her any independence. She struggled to communicate with her family and they had no way of knowing if she understood what they were saying.

With Vuyiswa’s help, a lot has changed for Zintle. She is now able to respond to the people around her. The team also worked with the Zithulele hospital to provide a standing frame and a bench to assist her and give her some independence. She has grown to love her standing frame so much that she cries when she is taken out of it. From her picture, you can see how well she is doing; she is sitting on her own and even tries to stand up all by herself.

Zintle’s mother is grateful for the support the family has received from Vuyiswa and the Rural Ability Programme (RAP), as she felt that her family did not support her in caring for Zintle and she was worried about her daughter’s total dependence on her. She is so happy that her daughter now has a measure of independence and continually shows small signs of improvement. Zintle is able to sit on her own and use her standing frame to play in, as well as to interact with those around her. 

Even though CP can't be cured, a variety of treatments can help people who have CP to make the most of their abilities and physical strength, prevent complications, and improve their quality of life.


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